Recovering unclaimed credits

GST/HST/QST are complex taxes. Taxpayers do not always recover all the input-tax credits they are entitled to.  We do it for them and only get paid AFTER the governments issue the refunds. A totally risk-free proposal.

Recovering overpaid taxes

In doubt, suppliers collect GST/HST. This results in Charities, Municipalities, Colleges and Nursing Homes paying taxes in error. We get those back. Large businesses are required to "recapture" ITCs. On energy, allocations and telecommunications, they over recapture. We get these ITCs back.

Fighting for taxpayers

Unfortunately, tax assessments happen. And governmental authorities are more and more aggressive. We represent taxpayers. We appeal, negotiate and resolve tax assessments. At time of audit, at Appeals, as part of out-of-Court settlement or as expert witness at the Tribunal.

Assisting tax professionals

In sales tax matters our experience spans over more than 30 years with clients from St-John Newfoundland to Vancouver B.C. We are proud to help smaller accounting and law firms' clients with large firm expertise at small firm costs. We do not provide audit services, therefore, we are not a threat to anyone's business. Those that have trusted us, never harboured regrets.

Personal Tax Services

We also offer personal tax return preparation services to a select clientele. While no job is too big or too small we have developed an expertise in identifying and recovering supplementary refunds with respect to past years for a large number of ordinary taxpayers that did not maximize their tax refunds. Included are students, artists, and smaller businesspersons.

Corporate Tax Services

We also have the ressources to provide corporate tax assistance. This include preparation of corporate tax returns for small and medium size businesses. We also represent clients and negotiate or resolve corporate tax assessments. We have developed a specific expertise where assessments are established through alternate methods of assessments, such as Net Worth assessments or assessments derived from samples.