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Jacques Roberge, President

Jacques Roberge,., B.A.A., has more than 30 years’ experience in commodity tax. He initially worked for  Revenue Canada, and was later employed in three of the Big Four Accounting firms to develop indirect tax consulting services. Therein, as well as an independent consultant, he assisted hundreds of taxpayers in the resolution of FST, GST/HST, QST, and provincial retail sales taxes issues. Jacques has been a frequent attendee and speaker at the CICA Sales Tax Symposium and The Tax Executive Institute. He’s been a member and past president of the Montreal Study Group of Sales Tax Specialists and a member of various advisory groups to the Quebec Finance and Revenue Departments. Currently Jacques is a Commodity Tax Analyst at Wolters Kluwer Canada responsible for the GST/HST Reporter and of the provincial sales tax content of the Provincial Tax Reporters.


Marsha Howell 

 Marsha plans to pursue a Master in Business Administration/Master in Global Affairs ("MBA/MGA") at the University of Toronto. She is the founder and President of Howell Consulting which offers specialized consulting services to start-up operations. She plans, organizes and implements the tools and systems to ensure their growth and profitability. As such, she handles tax matters for micro to small sized businesses. Her business acumen, communication skills and in-depth knowledge of the tax code has resulted in material refunds for dozens of small entrepreneurs. This is invaluable experience that may profit small and home based operations, working students and performing artists.


Kevin Voll, CPA-CA



Daniel E. Balofsky, CPA-CA, BBA

Daniel Balofsky is a Toronto-based accountant, writer, and tax analyst.  In addition to writing nationally-published tax commentary and contributing to books like Preparing Your Income Tax Return, he has worked in public accounting, business advisory, and as a senior economist with the Ontario Ministry of Finance’s tax policy division. His hobbies include swimming, hiking, and reading.


Peter Tomlinson

Peter Tomlinson, B.A., LL.B., is a lawyer in Toronto. After graduating from Osgoode Hall, Peter articled at a top Bay Street law firm. He owned and operated a busy law practice for 10 years prior to joining Wolters Kluwer as a senior editor. During his time at Wolters Kluwer, Peter has contributed to the annual releases Preparing Your Income Tax Returns and Preparing Your Corporate Income Tax Returns, the monthly Provincial Tax Newsletter, and written commodity and related tax commentaries for the provincial reporters. Peter is currently responsible for the British Columbia Tax Reporter and continues to write and edit a variety of tax-related material published by the Tax & Accounting group at Wolters Kluwer.


Large firm expertise - Small firm costs.

Our services are for small and large businesses with simple to complex sales tax and corporate tax issues. While specializing in indirect taxes we also have the ressources to assist persons with corporate and personal tax issues. We are proud to provide our expertise to small accounting or law firms who do not have the internal indirect tax expertise or need to discuss personal or corporate tax issues with other experts at costs their clientele can accept.

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